23 abril, 2011

✎Eddie Vedder

I hope you ever, ever and ever. Only you make me talk about love, Eddie. You calm my soul, calms my heart. I know every mark of expression on his face, and think beautiful. Among the many perfections your imperfection is the most perfect. And I follow you so long admired. Silly! Really? So many things in this world makes no sense. If you depend on anything that my wish will never make sense. And you do not know who I am, and it is so indifferent to you. There are also many in the world with that same feeling for you, I would not be a particular grain of sand, I know not. But let me dream, let me play at being happy, playing to say I love you. And when my heart is tight, I just breathe. Because I know one day you will come and then go away.

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